domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Fotos de Rob y Kristen en el after party On The Road

: Was unable to get a photo with him out of respect for Robert but he signed for my good friend 
( Fue imposible tomarse una foto con el, por respeto a él, pero el firmó, para mi buen amigo)

"Acabo de ver a RPatzz y a KStew " Via 

Kristen Stewart changed into jeans and flats for On the Road after-party, just walked in smiling with Robert Pattinson. ( Kristen Stewart cambió por unos jeans y zapatillas para el after party de On The Road, solo caminaba contenta con Robert Pattinson)

Kristen Stewart changed into leather bomber jacket, jeans & flats at On the Road after-party, just walked in smiling w/ Robert Pattinson

: R.Patz is surrounded in cloud of cigarette smoke at  after-party. 

: Robert Pattinson here with Kristen Stewart at the On the Road party.

For those asking, Robert Pattinson was having a Heineken at the bar awaiting K Stew's arrival. She was an angel & definitely loves her gays! Para los que preguntan, Robert Pattinson estuvo conun Heineken en el bar, mientras esperaba a KStew que llegará.  Ella era un ángel y definitivamente la ama, chicos!

Aww!  just gave  big hugs on her way out of the @  afterparty. Aww. AmyAdams  le acaba de dar un gran abrazo a Robert Y kristen en su camino de salida del afterparty de On The Road.

Kristen and Amy chatting for a while at OTR after party, and she also has a handsome date with her too who just snuck in. Only need 1 guess!

: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund at the On the Road after party at the Roosevelt

 report: Reliable intel says Rob Pattinson is here. Sound the alarm!

Jeans, collard shirt with 2 buttons loose, and jacket RT : dear.. pleasee answer me what is robert wearing???

Kristen Stewart is at AFI and Audi's On The Road after party with a date. And his name rhymes with Pobert Rattinson.

: Was unable to get a photo with him out of respect for Robert but he signed for my good friend 

: Yep, Stewart + Pattinson both here  Film Fest party

KStew and Pattinson have officially outlasted me at the party. Home James. 

 Omfg so I just hung out with Rob and Kristen and talked to Kristen for like half an hour! She is the fucking bomb!!

: Robert Pattinson is at the "One The Road" after-party, you Kristen Stewart fans you.  

Back to normal everybody.  go see. the whole thing. The planets and vamps are fine. Los planetas y los vampiros están bien! 

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